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Here, a la Brueghel's Fall of Icarus, is what you can do with one surreptitious lime.

Fivish cups of simmering stock including the mushroom and chard stems.

In another, bigger, pot, pour a big glug of olive oil, heat to medium and add one chopped onion. In a few minutes, add about 1.5 cups of rice and stir. Add some marsala, about a cup. In a few more minutes, add a chopped portobello mushroom cap and stir. Wait a little, then add two grated beets. Mine were gold beets but red would be fancier-looking. Then a bunch of chopped chard leaves and some basil. Once it's all heated through, put in about two cups of the stock and cover. Once the stock is absorbed, add another cup and repeat until you get to the last bit of stock. Add the juice of one lime to that before putting it in the pot. Once all the liquid is soaked up, you are done. This is good with broiled chicken andouille sausages.

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