koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

The Fair

We finally got to the fair last night. Jennifer wanted to go with a friend to see The Princess Bride outside instead, but Brian came home in time which is better because then I didn't have to do the driving. Victoria, as I learned at last April's Maryland Day, is a big fan of tractors. The old-timers' exhibit consists mostly of old tractors and most of them are sit-uponable. So she drove tractors for a reeeeeally long time. Brian was trying every bribe he could think of to get her to move along--finally he tried, "Let's go see the OTHER tractors down here," which did the trick. He was sadly surprised when a few tents down there was actually a display of other tractors and earthmovers. In time, we did get around to seeing some animals but then we hit the bunny barn where there were coloring pages and crayons. She spent a good 20 minutes coloring her bunny. Brian can last about 3 minutes in a bunny barn. Eventually, she was able to put down her crayon, but the battle of attention spans was not over. We got halfway past the Derwood Church tent, where some folk of modest talent were earnestly belting out Christian rock tunes and Victoria decided it was time to dance. And dance and dance, and these were not moves she learned from the Wiggles tapes. She would pogo madly and then twirl and then freeze in a dramatic sorta eastern fighting pose. They took a break finally and we shot out of that corner of the fair. We had made it just to the start of the midway section (why is it called the midway?) when some raindrops fell and we turned around to head back. The rain stopped but there was a lot of lightning so we just continued back, stopping to admire the pigs and get some ice cream. Oh, and Victoria made friends with a hyped-up girl who insisted on letting her into the pen to pet her baby goats. Back at the entrance, she rode five tractors and then more rain started to fall so we ran back to the car and came home. It was fun, but I didn't get to look at any exhibits. Maybe I can sneak up there again before it's over.

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