koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

A more perfect world for me

I thought of some more stuff that would happen in my perfect world.

When I press the "press to cross" button (and there would be one for every light), ALL of the traffic lights would turn red and I would be free to cross however I liked, even diagonally. And there would be curb cuts.

No one would ever let damp laundry sit in the machine for days and then transfer it to the dryer so that the clothes smelled ever so faintly moldy until a few minutes of body heat from the wearer released their overwhelming stinkiness.

My telephone and its voicemail "feature" would go away permanently.

I would have a photographic memory, a tidy home, and when something broke I would fix it right away rather than be about to get around to doing that for months on end. And I'd be able to draw better.

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