koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

big babies

I wonder where the groups are that gather online to bitch about their older kids. I just tried looking through LJ communities with "kids" as the search term and found nothing. Two looked promising but had no recent posts. When I first had kids, no one I knew had kids. The only advice I shared online was how to process address lists in COBOL and make Clipper sit up and do tricks with DBII+ files. It never occurred to me that I could ask my BB buddies how they were handling potty training or sleeping-through-the-night issues. Now that we have this fancy interweb thing where everyone talks about every thing and my friends who have kids have baby kids. I like reading about their baby kids but I would like to find a spot where people are talking about kids who are big, as in driving-age big and in-college big. It's a different type of relationship. I've mentioned some things to people before, and they usually--why do I write usually? I believe it is unfailingly--empathize with the kid. They remember their own experiences, as kids. How unhelpful! So do I! If anyone knows where those other aged parents are posting, do let me know. They must be out there somewhere...

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