koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

another weekend

I thought we were going to have lots of rain this weekend, but we had nice weather instead. I had been dogsitting a couple of labs since Tuesday and appreciate the lack of wetdogness in the house.

Friday I couldn't get Brian to come with me to visit friends. He was asleep at 6pm. I never nap and I go to bed late. I don't get why he is so tired but he really is. I didn't want to saddle either of the older kids with watching Victoria, so I took her with me. That worked out fine because my friends have a baby (a very entertaining baby--she was awake and how!) so Victoria played with her toys while we hung out.

Saturday was my day to argue with people. It was no fun, even though the weather was fine. Sunday morning we went to the zoo to see the baby tigers. I've never been to the zoo that early, but I will probably go early again. The gibbons hooting was worth the trip. None of the buildings open until 10, though. The new farm section is open, but we didn't visit. Nothing very interesting happened, we gave the dogs back, and then more stuff happened that was not interesting. I wanted to go to the fair, but everyone is still prickly from fighting so maybe after work some day this week will be better.

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