koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

What I did pre-summer vacation

bottom of my unofficial transcript
  1. They call it Spring but it's mostly Winter.

  2. This designation is for people who want to take classes but are not in a degree program. These people are just drains on the system at an institution with graduation rate goals. I think that's why they came up with a term with this particular acronym.

  3. You might not guess from the title, but this is a statistics class. It asks the question, "Which is better, R or SPSS?" Turns out the question can be answered with another question: "Which is easier to spell?"

  4. This was a history, art, and philosophy class about the nature of bookness. It was SO MUCH FUN!

  5. I am always disappointed by how happy I am to get a good grade. I truly believe what you learn is more important than the mark you get on a report card, but then I feel like such a winner when I see a stack of A's by my name. A+'s, even more so.

  6. I guess GPA only includes degree-bound grades.


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