koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Update - back in Maryland

I start a new job on Monday. A somewhat new job, since it's the same position title with the same department that I left when I tottered off to try something completely different nine years ago. I'm really happy about it, since I liked it way back then and a lot of the people I liked are still there while the Things To Be Done have only grown more elaborate and fun.

The less delightful part is that V has no interest in remaining here. She has a great group of friends in Ohio and likes her school there (much of it) so she is determined to stay. We found a person who is going to live at the Cbus house so that B can travel without leaving V abandoned, but the arrangement is very new and unproven. So I could be happier.

However, one of the truly awesome parts of this job is the schedule: summers off. So I'm still pretty darned happy.

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