koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Short! Pointless! True!

A few days ago a lamp appeared on our driveway. It was the multi-armed Doc Ock type of floor lamp with the remains of a busted-off cfl bulb in one socket (?!) and the whole thing was pretty much coated in cat hair. I have a theory as to why it showed up where it did: our trash cans stayed out one Friday because we left town before the trucks came by to collect trash. Someone kindly moved them up the driveway by Sunday night when we returned, but as they sat near the street for hours and hours they must have impressed upon a passerby the idea that our driveway is a great place for trash.

It is a lovely place for trash. We added a couple of decorative birds and planned to wait for the end of the week when we would add our own trash to the display. But yesterday, following a downpour that probably washed off a fair amount of cat hair but could not have improved the condition of our ornamental fowl, someone drove off with it.


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