koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Spring Break

It wasn't awful, it wasn't productive, it wasn't long enough... the usual. The previous week my brother-in-law had removed my kitchen (this was pre-arranged, nothing but the start date was a surprise) and during the break we got a new floor.

While the kitchen is missing, everything from it is jammed elsewhere and the whole house feels more chaotic than usual. From what I have heard this is to be expected. B came by for the week of my break, which added another level of distraction. We went to see Blithe Spirit at the National (he's an Angela Lansbury fan) and he left his favorite scarf behind. I was in the area a couple of days later and was able to retrieve it from their lost-and-found. Here it is celebrating the most cherry blossom-like thing we could find on Sunday. It was B's last day of the visit and the first day of the official cherry blossom festival season; finding anything pink on a branch was not easy.
I also ran that half-marathon last Saturday, but it was kind of cold and wet and windy. And my timing chip was busted! Fortunately my watch worked, so I know it took me 3:11, which is slow but I was just trying to beat 4mph and I did. So there. Also we knew it was going to rain so I googled for rainy run tips and learned that we should wear hats. That was superb advice.
V's chip worked, thank goodness, because she finished in 2:12. We were all pretty impressed.

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