koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Google Maps measures distance

I don't know how long this has been available, I just noticed it today (on Chrome, I haven't tried anything else). Right-click wherever you want to start measuring and select Measure distance. Very handy! Here's what happened: I was talking to the man upstairs, who mentioned that a friend was running a Disney half-marathon the next day and might (turns out she did) simultaneously see a rocket launch. Talk turned to half-marathons and I (probably) convinced him that he could run one by the end of the year. Or so. Pretty sure that's what happened.

New day, same guy. He asks if I've heard of a brewing company that is super super close to my house. I had not, but Google had. I had time to kill (it's still Winter Break for another week) so I strolled on up and danged if they weren't serving samples. The very nice bartender grew up in Pickerington (read: Columbus, OH) so we had something to talk about and then she started talking about the Rock and Roll Half in DC because her dad comes in to watch her run it. The story was more interesting than that, really, but this is about me sooo... I came home and Googled again. The R&R.5 takes place the first day of Spring Break. I mean, if the universe (that is, a dude and a bartender) keeps mentioning half-marathons it must mean I'm supposed to try one. Plus V and J agreed to come along.

More Googling and I found a nice nine-week training schedule and today I needed to run two miles, which I guessed at but I wasn't far off—I checked the route just now with right-click-Measure distance.

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