koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

One thing

I applied for graduation. It was easy, a couple of emailed forms and you're done. Then I had to say whether I would attend the college's reception and I agonized over this for, well, minutes. But a bunch of minutes. I have no intention of going to the University graduation, but skipping the college one seems kind of rude (maybe an excuse will present itself later). And then I had to say how many guests, but it's in the middle of a weekday so I said "one" thinking maybe someone would be around or maybe I'd just eat enough Dining Services spanikopita for two.

I've had a terrible time updating and I'm sure it's because I can't distill the thousand fabulous things that happen to me into coherent posts so I just let them trail behind me, an undocumented wake of quips and tumbles and trips and exhilarations. Also snacks. I'm not even going to try. I'll just do one thing, and it probably won't be the most interesting or best or worst thing of the day or week or month. Just whatever falls onto the screen. At least I'll have something to review later, I like that about lj.

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