koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Expect the unexpected

Starting on Friday we have been enjoying the most amazingly beautiful weather. I sort of wonder what is going on elsewhere in the world on days like these, but I never bother to check. The sky is bright blue with fluffy white clouds and the air is the perfect temperature, it even smells good. Whenever the sky is this color (fortunately (?) this seldom happens) I remember going outside on 9/11/1 and wondering how I could be standing in the middle of a gorgeous day while so much shit was going on mere miles away. But this is too stream-of-consciousness for my purposes--back to the weekend.

Whenever I leave the house, I always invite whomever is there to accompany me. Most often, people decline. This weekend I was golden. Brian came to first friday with me--he said he'd have to leave early but he lasted past 1am, which is phenomenal for Brian. Victoria went, too, and she was racing around like some type of deranged poultry the whole time. She fell asleep around 2am so I figured she would sleep in.

Nope. Saturday she was up before 7, which was ok because I had some errands to run. When we got back, we played around while Brian fixed the glass pane that the mailman busted about nine months ago. I had replaced it with a priority mail large video box, held in place with priority tape of course. I like the chocolatey smell of priority tape, plus the fact that it is free. Then Brian agreed to go to another party. Two in one weekend! Heck, two in one season would be big news. I was so discombobulated that I forgot to bring any pool stuff even though I knew it was a pool party. It was another fun party anyway. When Victoria started showing the signs of a tired girl about to lose it, I had to hunt Brian down and get out of there. We left just in time, she was a royal terror on the ride home and fast asleep shortly thereafter.

On Sunday we hung out at the farmers market for a long time and then Brian went to play softball. I needed supplies for my black market convenience store at work, so I asked Christopher if he wanted to go to Costco with me. He said yes. What the hell? Of course he stuck a lot of crap in the cart, but it was still nice to have him along. Everyone was home for dinner, which hardly ever happens, and everyone liked the eggplant stuff I made, which never happens. So it was a good weekend.

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