koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Forty: a good bike ride

Many bikes rides are good, and all good bike rides are nifty. So I will talk about one representative good bike ride, which happened to take place yesterday. J and I had planned to ride the Reston metric century to prepare for J's upcoming first century. Then B said he'd be in town and would be interested in riding as well. Of course he was leaving that afternoon so we'd have to hustle, but it was the short ride so no problem. And J's bike rack only holds two bikes but I just bought a folding bike from the glorious pages of Craigslist so, again, no problem. And the weather was beautiful. And everyone had fun. And I sorta figured out the Brompton gearing, which came in handy when the hills popped up. And a bunch of riders who saw me tootling along on my tiny wheels assumed I was a tough rider and said so as they passed—and they did pass, EVERYONE did, because I am slow. Slow but so, so happy! We had a leisurely outing in gorgeous weather and finished with just enough time to get B showered and to the airport. No problems all day long, it was fantastic.

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