koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

It's a new reckad

It's hard to tell exactly what was done to our house since it was built. Some rooms were added, it was split into two apartments, it was put back together. There is a big room upstairs with doors to both the hall and Chris's room. We just painted this big room and boy does it look good! It used to be white with olive trim, which Jennifer hated from the start. Now it is brown--milk-chocolate brown--with tan trim. The room is too big for its one puny AC window unit, which has never bothered us before last night. We really noticed it then, though, because that is the room in which we set up the DDR game. I thought painting the room was sweaty business, but it was nothing compared to hopping around to execrable music for hours on end. What an fantastic game! I might have called in sick and stayed home to play today if I hadn't promised to give a talk at work today. Pretty soon I will start talking like the announcer dude on the game, look out...

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