koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Twenty-six still alive

While V spent her first week of summer vacation in Ohio, I was in charge of Netflix, her new pet goldfish. She's due home in less than a day and Netflix is hanging in there. Whew! And I've also taken over her dog-walking for the next-door neighbor. Even though we came alarmingly close to a gigantic raccoon a couple of days ago, all is well there, too. As for myself: of course I'm here. But as I was going home tonight Fenton Street between Silver Spring and Thayer was completely blocked by police cars, and the sidewalk in front of the beer store was taped off. It didn't look good. I was already walking fast, but I walked even more quickly after seeing that, and when I got to Ritchie I stayed in the middle of the road rather than risk the darker sides. Even so, I encountered two deer (not together, one on Ritchie and one on Lincoln), neither of which was particularly inclined to move on, even when I waved my umbrella in their direction and yelled Hey Deer. You think deer are adorable until you get close enough to see the bloodthirsty glint in their eyes. Feeling fortunate.

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