koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Two dozen - eggs

It's weird that we eat eggs, but everything is weird if you think about it enough. I've read recently a spate of articles mentioning that refrigerating eggs is an unnecessary American affectation. Then I've read the comments (usually a terrible idea, but I can't not read things) and I'm coming to the conclusions that 1) practically everyone refrigerates eggs if they're not in England, and 2) it's weird that we eat eggs. Anyway, the reason I am thinking about eggs is because I bought a dozen a while ago and didn't use them and continued to not use them and they just hung out in my very American refrigerator until V asked for a hard-boiled egg.

I put the dozen in a pot filled with water and one floated up to the top, so I removed it. I boiled the rest and tried one to make sure I wasn't feeding my child something worse than usual. It was fine, even though the "best used by" date on the carton was April 11 and it's now the middle of June.

That wasn't the best use of day twenty-four, but it wasn't such a great day and somehow I managed to work in two 21s so I'm catching up. Some days you should just shuffle through. The ability to move on is a valuable skill.

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