koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Sixteen - squared away

Feeling very accomplished this evening. First thing upon coming home, I read the town newsletter and was reminded that luxuriant lawns were only tolerated up to a height of twelve inches. I went outside and surveyed the holdings. Oh dear. I hacked a path to the front door—I have no idea how the mail carrier has been getting up the front steps recently—and the humidity convinced me that the rest of the lawn was more of a Tuesday task. I came inside and simultaneously cooked fajita meat, advised V on a school project (this school year is soooo loooong), and read Ritchie Calder's Agony of the Congo. V wasn't hungry and I wasn't, either, so now tomorrow's dinner is half-ready. Got an encouraging internship offer via email and several amusing reports from the David Sedaris reading via SMS. Started a Sketchup tutorial. Browbeat a letter to Grandma out of V. Cleaned up the kitchen. Accompanied V on a dog walk. Helped her change half the fish water. I usually can't get anything done without a to-do list but for some reason stuff was getting done today. Great!

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