koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Fifteen: Nopal

I usually do spend a good deal of walking time looking down. That's where the money is, as well as the stuff I would trip over otherwise. A couple of days ago a patch of prickly pear that has been growing near the sidewalk on my way to the Post Office for as long as I can remember was looking especially nice, so I took a picture. I walked by it again today and it had already started to look shabbier.

V distinctly remembers petting these cacti years ago and getting a spine to the finger. I remember the incident as well, but it was a barrel-type cactus and it was in Phoenix. The takeaway here is don't pet the cactus, so maybe the details aren't important.

But there's more. On the way back today, I was almost directly across the street from the pictured flora and there was a lovely moth fanning its wings slowly on the sidewalk. I put the photo behind a link for the moth-averse. I know you're out there!

Edited to add: I think this is actually a brush-footed butterfly, the Question Mark.

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