koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Eleven. Hmm.

Well, well, well. Look how long it took me to run out of neato things to talk about.

That's not exactly true. Tomorrow is going to write itself, pretty much, and I have a couple more in the wings but since I can't get to the pictures I feel they should wait.

Okay. Slurpees. I have been waiting and waiting for the Coke Zero Cherry Frost Slurpee: I hike up to 7-11, see the machine NOT serving CZCF Slurpees, and trudge back disappointed. Sometimes more than once a day.

J did some research and learned that this new flavor didn't survive test-marketing back in March, so today I just up and bought a Mango Slurpee. With Wild Cherry on top. It was magnificent.

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