koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Ten: glue traps (bonus: no picture)

I picked up a great tip in library school. I was taking a class called Library and Archives Preservation and in most of the readings about facilities glue traps were recommended. They would help your pest-prevention pro identify what critters, if any, were crawling around and they'd also give you some idea of the size of the problem. Even though they are not recommended for effectively controlling pests, I wondered how they would work catching camel crickets in my basement. I definitely didn't want to catch mice on a glue trap—I have seen that happen and it's pretty awful. But I haven't seen evidence of mice in the house so I decided to put down some glue traps and see what happened.

What happened is I caught a bunch of camel crickets. I put the cards on the floor next to walls where I have seen them in the past. As I suspected, camel crickets reallyreallyreally want in the bathroom: the cards I placed on either side of the door filled up quickly. So far, no spiders have shown up. It's almost all camel crickets.

To replace a trap, I have to pick up the card full of stuck bugs. I am loath to do this, so I use a pair of 12-inch tweezers I bought when I thought I would be placing tiny plants in terraria (this could still happen). I feel pretty ridiculous doing this but I'm positive that if I ever have insurance with decent mental health coverage I will get it all sorted out. In the meantime, the camel cricket population is a lot less alarming than usual down there. Taking a shower is significantly less horrorshow, thank goodness and thank library school.

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