koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Day Eight: POST HUNT

We started out walking for juvenile diabetes research. If you walk around the mall you can help find a cure, enjoy a nice day, and also get a tshirt and a burrito. J decided to show off the fact that she can squat an entire sister. This came in handy later as we moved on to the Post Hunt, which is a set of puzzles sponsored by the Washington Post. Maybe because the day was so nice, maybe because people need something to do on a Sunday, maybe because we all love puzzles—for some reason there were big crowds around each puzzle. However, with a camera in her hand V became the human boom and we solved the initial puzzles quickly. We couldn't stick around for the end, though, since V also works at a barn Sunday afternoon. But NEXT year we are clearing the calendar for the Post Hunt because it is a blast.

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