koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Day 3: Keyless entry


Yesterday a doormate of mine mentioned that he still approaches the door with keys in hand out of habit. I was taken aback because for the past two hundred days or so we have not talked about doors or locks or keys or the like and he mentioned this the very day I was considering making this lock the next nifty thing. Spooky!

Fact is, keyless entry is terrific. Do you know how many extra keys we have scattered around the backyard in too-good hiding places? Neither do I. More than five, certainly. I try to always have a pocket on me, but lady clothes can not be depended upon for this so I would frequently have the how-to-stow-the-key quandary BUT NO MORE. The other problem it solved was the dilapidated state of the old lock, which was in a rickety doorknob that only chose to accept particularly worthy keys and then would only turn when the mood struck and, finally, often declined to relinquish the key without a struggle. I can put up with nonsense like that for a decade, fifteen years, tops. This is a definite improvement.


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