koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

100 days of nifty

Here are my Facebook friends:

Each dot is a friend. They're grouped in affinity clusters; the friends who are friends with each other form clumps. Sometime about a week ago a friend in the green clump asked a question to the Facebook populace, "Are you happy?" I noticed the question but my answer would have been a simple yes and everyone else answering had complications. I felt a little unhappy for them and then I decided not to answer at all. The very next day someone in the reddish clump that looks like it's about to torpedo the other reddish clump started 100 Days of Happy, which means a post every day of something happy-making. Some other reddish torpedo people followed suit and while I approve of this trend (I like seeing realpeople content as opposed to forwarded huffbuzznova deals) I think my happiness is better unexamined.

I do, however, have some time on my hands. I finished another semester and since we're traveling in a few weeks I didn't sign up for a 1st summer session class. That gives me less than 100 days but I'll try to give you something good each day until I run out of stuff or time. Day one is today and the thing is Gephi.

Gephi is the network visualization software that shows my friendclumps above. It's free and it's really fun to use for showing data structures. Here's a weird but germane application. I myself tend toward more prosaic uses but I might branch out in my free time.

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