koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

The Great and Terrible January

Here's something I will never attempt again: a 3-week winter term class. It was awful! Because the course was so good! When I saw that I could take a class called Analyzing Social Networks and Social Media online during the break, I jumped at the chance. Why didn't I consider that I was going to be completing a normal week's worth of work every day? Seriously, the class consumed my January, up until yesterday when I turned in my final project. The big problem was that the class was progressively awesome and I really would have liked to have spent a lot more time with the stuff we were learning. I also wasn't crazy about the online format, which was fine for delivering lectures but the asynchronous student discussions weren't as engaging as real conversations would have been. I had to turn in a video presentation of project highlights, so you can look at it if you like.

So that was great & terrible in one swoop. Another great thing is I got an assistantship (like a job, but better) and today was my first day of work. Another terrible thing is all that reading I planned to catch up on is still languishing on my Kindle. Really? That's my terrible thing? What a whiner.

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