koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

More fun for me

B had to come into town Thursday so he asked me to make something nice for dinner—he was going to take it next door after inviting himself to our neighbors' house. I planned the dinner part, but the neighbors weren't going to be home so I was instead prepared to feed him an unusually well-planned meal. Well, leave one for him since I had class that night.

When I got back from class everyone was at the house and it was a party: a birthday party for me. Yes! Friday was just chores and stuff, I really can't remember how I filled Friday. But Saturday I got up super-early (my alarm was set for 4am but I woke up earlier) and drove to Salisbury for the Seagull Century. I rode this about 20 years ago having learned about it on usenet, dc.biking. It was kinda miserable, kinda fun. Flat but windy with rain all day. Nice roads. Looong pacelines (I stick to the gaps, I have no need for speed and really hate pileups). When I saw it was still a thing, I signed up.

Much, much better this time! First of all, they fixed the weather problem. It was sunny and the wind was very manageable. In fact, my first quarter of the ride I was doing so well I wondered as I was pedaling how I could be so strong with no appreciable training in the past couple of months. Then the route turned a bit and I figured out that I had benefited from some wind assistance. This happens to me a lot, both on the bike literally and in regular life metaphorically. The lunch stop is at Assateague and I think they had a different setup this time because of the shutdown. It was in a shadeless parking lot and there was nowhere to rest comfortably. I just ate a pickle (I approve of the new trend in rest stop fare, pickles are great!), filled up my water bottle, and headed out. Because I was hoping that the last rest stop would be the PIE REST STOP and I was right. Nothing restores your will to carry on like a piece of damn pie. Mine was cherry. I felt like a million bucks.

Once I got to the end I had some trouble finding my car. I had followed a line of cars with bikes on them into town and just parked where they parked. It was easier than trying to read my directions in the dark. When I got back to the university I trudged through two wrong lots before I found the right one. So glad it's a small school! Then I dropped by my parents' house to give them the photo book and some other pictures from the party. They're in Delaware, less than an hour from Salisbury, so it made sense to tack a visit on but I couldn't linger because B had invited his mom to dinner. I got back just in time to be sociable (twice in the same day: exhausting) and then J and I tried to watch Jackie Brown but I didn't get very far.

The next morning we had a 5K at Maryland. V was as grumpy as all get-out until we got there and she spotted some basketball players. That cheered her considerably and she stayed ahead of the rest of us for the whole run. Again. J went home, we did some more chores, and then we dropped B off at the airport. And now it's Monday!

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