koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Perfect Square

Last weekend was about as fun as it gets. We went to a midnight movie: Spice World. This has nothing to do with Arrakis and everything to do with lip-synching execrable pop. VERY, VERY FUN!

The next day I rose at the crack of you-know-who and her rosy fingers so that I would not miss the ride from Proteus to the Air and Space Museum with whimmydiddle and chickenhat. I was so early that I had plenty of time to tool around the neighborhood before meeting the pastry-run group that was leaving a half-hour prior to my ride. I said hi and then bye and then waited a bit. My leaders showed up and I was the only follower until we picked up a rider from the bakery. It was a gorgeous day and the ride was fun. We looked at the Wright Brothers exhibit and the Da Vinci codex, hit the gift shop (V & J had joined us at the museum), and that was that. V & I had a ton of homework, so that's what we did with the rest of Saturday.

Sunday was the Greenbelt Triathlon! There was a lot of planning that went into this run-bike-drink event. I loaded up C's car with bikes to drop them off at the park. J was supposed to meet me and the empty car at the pub, but I was lucky enough to catch her telephonically and humbly request that she first retrieve my front tire. I had managed to leave it on the porch at home. After that, we ran, we biked, we drank: another beautiful day. V outran J & me handily but was flagging on the bike ride. By the time she hit Franklins she was toast, although she managed to down two pints of Sprite before I could lock up the bikes and meet her at the bar. Then the week started and here we are.

Here we are: seven times seven. Well, I am, at any rate. Whee!

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