koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Signifying nothing

Lots of bustle this weekend. I knew we'd be occupied so I did a ton of schoolwork Friday night. With a clear conscience I headed downtown Saturday morning to serve lunch to MS Challenge walkers. This is about 400 times more fun if you do it dressed like a pirate, so we dress like pirates. I thought we'd have time to view the running of the wiener dogs after lunch, but the cleanup ran long and we lost one of our crew to trypanosomiasis before we could retreat. We swung by C's place to pick him up and then drive to Germantown to take B's mom out for a birthday dinner. I think everyone had a good time, but it was a long meal and then we had to drop people off before going home. When it was all over I was struck by the fact that I had spent all day doing lunch and dinner.

It was hard to get V moving this morning, but we managed to see the early showing of Wadjda in Bethesda. Thank you, thank you, thank you, whimmydiddle, for mentioning this movie. Now I just want to ride my bike all the time. I also plan to stick my legs out, show my face all over, and talk as loudly as I care to. Listen, I was going to do all of those things anyway. But the movie was lovely.

We ran some errands and went to school to meet with a group for one of my classes. Then we swung by a culvert for a bit of resonance. We couldn't stay long but V was planning instruments to bring with us next time, so maybe we'll go again and bring more noises. Again we ran errands and finally we're home again. I feel as though I have little to show for the energy expended this weekend. Could be worse.

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