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I was going to write about my weekend but I didn't do it fast enough. Now there's another one gone. Let me tell you, three classes is a heck of a lot of reading. I'm a terrible screen reader so it's a lot of printing, too. Sorry, trees.

Last Saturday V, J, and I biked (they metro'd and biked but I had finally put all the pieces together for two working bikes, whee) to the new 11th street bridge for a bridge opening party. All kinds of DC swag found its way back with us. V & J went wherever it is they go and I went to Simon's party, which was as much fun as ever. B was in town for a fantasy football draft and he brought a friend home that night, so we hung out on the porch telling stories for a while. Around two-ish the stories got too sporty for me so I retired to the front porch to look at a book Simon lent me. Those 37 pages were the last non-school reading I did all week. AND I'D BEEN READING ALL WEEK LONG. Anyway...

The next day V was leaving for Outdoor Ed at school. She was not excited about it. I dropped her off at school, B off at the airport, and went to my Monday night class. Then I had to get ready to take myself to Outdoor Ed, since they had expressed a desperate need for parent volunteers. Victoria was not excited about this, either, but I wasn't expecting her to be so awful when I got there. She was. We handled it upon our return Wednesday and I'd be happy to think that it will be smooth sailing from here on out but I'm pretty sure it won't.

Read all day Thursday, went to class. Friday I left with V as she walked to school, but I headed toward Silver Spring and bought a little ink. I had ordered a pack online, but one cartridge ran out before that arrived. I also got some food stuff at Safeway. It's a much shorter walk to the co-op but they're pretty pricey. I was home by 9am anyway, so it's not that much of a hike.

The next morning J and a friend plus V and I ran a color 5k, where you toss and get pelted with lots of colored powder. It was pretty fun and I managed to run the whole way, albeit slowly. I have no idea how long it took, it wasn't that kind of 5k. At the end there was a stage with a pleasantly dopey dj and he kept the crowd happy with slightly old pop songs and still more color. We rinsed off at home and J agreed to accompany us to a neighbor's open house, thank goodness. I know we have to do stuff like that to be friendly but it is grueling. We said hi and stayed an acceptable length of time (I hope) and bolted. Everyone was extremely nice; I'm just terrible in groups like that. J took off and V collapsed—she was really tired.

Pictures from the run convinced me that I was looking shaggy. Sunday we went back to Silver Spring and I spent $20 and 20 minutes getting a haircut. I guess I look better. Then we went grocery shopping for real and came home to do some yard work. I also tried to replace a lock on my back door, but the hole is too small for lock I bought. I put the door back together just in time to leave for a birthday party. I was having fun, but V was all "let's gooooo" after a couple of hours. I played a pirate game with miniatures, flawed but charming. When we left V informed me that she had forgotten how geeky my friends are. Whatever.

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