koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

So Many Photos

I am extremely tired of photographs today. A wonderful photographer came to the dinner we held for my parents' anniversary. She took 700 pictures! The plan was to get a couple framed and put together an album with some of the others, as an anniversary present kind of thing. But first I had to look at all of them and pick out the ones to use. I spent days doing this, then I negotiated Bay Photo REOS for the better part of an evening putting together a photo book. If it looks as fabulous in real life as it did on the planning screens, I will definitely be crowing about that later.

I figured you weren't interested in looking at photos of my parents' friends, so I picked out a few that review the festivities with few non-family members.

It's rare to get everyone together. Clean, dressed up, and smiling!

We kicked the grandkids off the fountain for this one.

There are so many pictures of my kids acting goofy.

I mean it.

What can I say?

As a bonus, we took a photo with B's mom. (They got caught in bridge traffic or B would have been in the family photo.)

Here's V with the first of many Shirley Temples.

Keep that glass full!

This is just a nice picture.

So is this one.

V. She looks good.

By utter coincidence, the weekend of the party I was reading Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us, so I understand why this was so irresistible. Really yummy. Thanks, Cake Love!

Right. At least she's not weird or anything.

You look at them; I already know what those people look like. To be honest, though, we rarely look that good! Taking pictures was my sister's idea, definitely a winner.


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