koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Moving households and the anniversary bash

Last week was a big ole mess, with temporarily homeless people lolling about the house for a while and then some frenzied moves as the big kids both shipped off to new apartments (two different parts of DC, neither one far away). I have gained an unwelcome familiarity with the IKEA product line, but I think everyone is satisfactorily settled in at this point.

We had to hustle because the entire weekend was devoted to celebrating my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. They live near the Delaware beaches and the original plan was to rendezvous Friday evening at a house my sister had rented... or at least that's what she thought. Turns out it was a Craigslist scam, so we all squeezed into my parents' house and it worked out fine.

My mom is a docent at the restored courthouse in town. We knew she was scheduled to be there Saturday around noon, so we all showed up to take the tour. I made mob caps for all—whenever she mentions the courthouse I manage to throw in a mob cap reference, so I thought it would be funny. Funny as in my mom loved it! She was very happy, and we have photographic evidence:

You can't really see me in the back, but do not fret. The next stop was photos by the fountain and these were done by a pro. J has a friend who is an awesome photographer. For some reason she agreed to take on the challenge and I will certainly share the results with you when they're ready.

Then guests arrived and we had a nice dinner at the perfect restaurant and we brought a cake that everyone loved (it did come from Cake Love) and I think everyone had a good time. The next day everyone slowly rolled home, taking time to do some outlet shopping, of course.

V has been to middle school orientation ("lame") and is signed up for lessons at the horse place in Rock Creek park. I think I have organized the newly emptied house to my liking. And I'm ready for back to school, whee!

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