koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

A zillion updates behind, but first:

I brag. Today at dinner I awarded myself the best week's cooking award ever. I have been on a roll. Chana masala (invented my own, completely awesome), meatball pizza (invented, transcendent), spaghetti (angels reel), wasabi salmon (credit google, but trust me it was great), and fajitas. A very important aspect of my success is the fact that V has been busy every day and comes home famished. Also, B came home in the middle of the week so there were preprandial cocktails, which may have affected my judgment. I only mention this in the spirit of full disclosure. This ends the self-promotion portion of our post.

We visited Cadiz. Not Cádiz, you goof! Cadiz, pronounced like something that belongs to Katy! Home to the state park resort where V was beset upon by dozens of ticks last time we visited Kentucky. This time we brought pints of DEET and had even more fun. I did bring a lot more games with us this time, which worked out well. My favorite exchange went like this:

V: Your friend must be pretty smart. This game works out to have good combinations and situations.
K: I think calling him a friend is an overstatement. We show up at the same parties sometimes and tolerate one another.
V: He still seems pretty smart to me.
(Ha! It's Fluxx, by the way.)

Then we went to Indianapolis. The hotel was very luxurious compared to the digs in Cadiz, so we had some fun with that plus we checked out the state house (can you guess my favorite state house visit to date? I will bet big money--five dollars, FIVE!--that you can not.) and we went to the War Memorial, which is an amazing old-school museum. Put it on your to-do list. I wasn't able to stay nearly long enough (some 11yo PEOPLE thought there was TOO MUCH READING and not enough buttons to push).

Since we've been back V has been working at summer camps at the barn. I used a groupon for Koko Fit Club, a gym that opened here a year ago. I thought it would be a good way to stay on top of things before the ride next week. I love this gym! Unfortunately, there are none near the house in Maryland so I will be on my own after July. I did sign up for the Seagull Century to keep myself on track.

This is a very incomplete update, dang it, but I have some reports to pull together before bed and morning appointments to keep, so ttfn. I've had to block facebook from myself just to get through each day's to-do list. July is brutal!

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