koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

sound, fury, etc.

Mildly active weekend with nothing to show for it. Picked up some nice vegetables on Saturday, but the okra that I got specifically for our babysitter was mostly bad. I had got some the previous week and she told me that it was bad then--I was trying again. She says, "You buy this from the farmer? He knows this is bad. What an evil man." I don't know from bad okra, since I have never met a good okra. One of my favorite cookbooks is Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone and not just because it's the heaviest book in my kitchen, but also because of the wry short shrift with which okra is dismissed in it.

Saturday afternoon we went to my parents to eat crabs with them, my sister, and her kids. Sunday was the yoga party, which was excellent. I was pretty worried, since my last yoga experience was all woowoo pregnancy yoga weirdness. This was just fun, except when I stretched down and noticed the stripe of unmown leg hair that I'd missed during my hasty depilation that morning. It was pretty noticeable, since I hadn't shaved since Easter, but I am used to looking dorky. Everyone there was very nice, anyway, and most of them are also used to my looking dorky. The yoga party got even better when they broke out the ice cream and I learned about penuche. Jeez, my heart is racing at the memory of that delightful confection.

When I got home, Brian had left for wherever he is now and Chris was ignoring the fact that Victoria was playing with the doggy scissors. I think Jennifer was supposed to be the babysitter, but she was fast asleep in front of a baseball game. The whole scene was fairly annoying. I was a bit impressed by Victoria's work with the scissors, however. She had fringed all four sides of several dozen sheets of paper. I took her to the trail that runs by the driving range in College Park and we looked for rabbits. That's a great place to find rabbits. The rest of the day we just hung around the house.

This morning Victoria did the happy cat and angry cat poses that I remembered from the party. She refused to do the dog. I wasn't very good about holding the position for any length of time. Then I tried the sun one and got confused and quit. All in all, it seemed like a good start. There must be a dozen yoga books floating around the house, I could look in one of them.

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