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Last night I mentioned to V that gato (I was drinking wine named GatoNegro, the purchase of which breaks all of B's wine-buying rules except this one: "costs less than $5 per bottle") sorta sounds like gâteau, and that I like all three: cats, wine, and cake. She was like: whatever. As usual. But then I woke up to pi day!

So I will tell you about three whole books and a small portion of another one.

The Bar Mitzvah and the Beast
A fairly religious guy's atheist son does not want a bar mitzvah, so the whole family rolls out to deliver a petition urging measures to counter global warming instead. Right. I had such a great time reading this book! The narrator is the dad, who sounds just like a dad. The 13yo son sounds a little too wise at times (except when he's fighting with his younger brother)—got a little Josteen Gaarder thing going on there—but the exchanges between the father and son are adorable and inspiring. The "beast" refers to the tandem the guy finds to ride with the younger son, who's too little to pedal himself cross-country. The story of their trip is fascinating and funny and does not make me want to replicate the experience. Except maybe a little...

My Beloved World
Another book that was fun to read, this is an autobiographical review of Justice Sotomayor's childhood, education, and early career. The pride and love she feels for her family ran through the intensely interesting story of her journey from a Bronx housing project through ivy league colleges to an appointment to the Federal District Court. I keep meaning to pick up Lazy B: Growing up on a Cattle Ranch in the American Southwest, now I have more reason to do so.

Every Day is an Atheist Holiday!: More Magical Tales from the Author of God, No!
Ok, maybe it's memoir week chez KS. The organization of this book is sloppy. It purports to present a counter to various religious holidays in calendar order, which doesn't happen but I didn't care. The stories are fun, the profanity is delightfully pervasive, and that was enough to keep me sailing through. The editor, though! Seeing "weapons with laser sites" in print made me cringe. Even on a screen it jars, although online typos are more forgivable somehow. One point Mr. Jillette consistently makes through this and his previous book is his absolute love for his family, which is rather endearing. Everything else is rambling entertainment that is anything but mild.

I Am Legend
Not sure when I'll finish this one. It was a Kindle daily deal and I do like apocalyptic stuff so I thought I'd give it a shot. I started reading and figured out it was a vampire story (how did I not know that?) and now it's hard to care—I'm not caring about the main character yet. I'll let you know if it gets better.

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