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9yo convo

Sometimes when there is a lively bit of chatter going on in the house I type it—as practice, and as entertainment. Today I saw a file called convo.txt and I opened it to see what it was. It was awesome, is what it was. My memory is hazy, but I'm pretty sure there are three speakers and they are all 9yo girls:

What if you had one of those teenage moms and she's all like, "Oh, I have to go date my boyfriend now!"
NO! "I have to go kiss my bald spot!"

(general expressions of being appalled)
Bald people actually live a happy life, I want you to know.
Scientists have those bald fronts and then the ponytail in the back.

(Now they are reading the nutritional information on the back of a ketchup bottle.)

Cookie, oo, oo
Cookie, oo, oo
Who let the cookies out?

He calls me lemur, and a lemur is an animal.
You're like an animal, baby!
You have beautiful eyes, I just love to look at them. I love to look at your eyes when your tongue sticks out. OK, this is what you look like: pineapple.
You have to be home in five minutes!
I'm going to call my mom and ask if I can stay longer because we stopped for a snack.
A tiny little snack.
A tiny grain of cheese, that's how big our snack was.
I love cheese.
Hey guys! I put some parmesan cheese in my drink.

Can I have a bag?
Yeah, they're in the closet.
I'm going to put it on my bike. With some parmesan cheese. Can you open the bag?
Open sesame.
A big bag.
A butt.
OK, let's go back out to our bikes and have some cheese! Wait for me...



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