April 7th, 2016


rainy am

The weather channel website advised that I should watch for occasional rain beginning at 7:15 this morning. I was dragging the trashcan to the curb at 7:03 when I noticed a few rainspots on the asphalt. Twelve minutes early.

Woke up with a headache. Ate a couple of aspirin, drank some coffee, headed to work. On the bus, a guy who had his choice of at least 10 other seats decided to share mine. Then he started eating a banana. Until this morning I did not realize that banana-smell and headaches do not play well together. I invented a shallow mouth-breathing exercise to help me survive and then he got up and threw the peel away in the trashcan at the front of the bus. He returned to our seat. I thought my troubles were over.

They were not over. For the remainder of the ride, he sang in a wandering falsetto just loud enough to make me wonder, "Is he still doing it?" and listen a little harder. Yes, he was, each time. Really looking forward to losing this headache.


Learned that the tenant upstairs was unable to get hot water this morning. No further info. Can't return to house until after class tonight. Trying to reassure myself that the basement drain is very near the hot water heater so damage should be minimal. Probably not going to lose this headache for a while. Dammit.