July 10th, 2013


Psyched for STP

I am way too excited about this bike ride. I keep flipping through the little map booklet, pedaling my fingers across to each rest stop—dragging them up THE HILL—calculating: if we leave at 5:07am and average 13.6mph and stop for ten minutes... no, 13.65 and stop for eleven... plus I am borrowing a bike and it is going to be a super bike. Superbike. Like with a cape. Way too excited.

Plus it will be nice to say goodbye to this week. Big fat car breakdown in the rain on Monday morning, dishwasher crash in the afternoon, cranky sick kid, ridiculously slow computer backup, kitten-sized ants sloshing their way into the house, and the badminton net blew down. Really, when I look at the list it's not that far from normal but a change will be welcome.