koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

New Gadget

I got an immersion blender and while it is definitely an unnecessary thing, it is so sweet! I used it on the mulligatawny and got a complaint about how it was TOO smooth—apparently, I should have left more lumps. That was the first time I'd used it, though, and I was a little excited. I also made mayonnaise, even though we don't much like mayonnaise around here. It's really easy to make, though, so I had fun. I froth the milk for my coffee because that's easy, too. Of course I made a smoothie. I think it's safe to put the regular blender in the basement. (I could give it to Goodwill, but not right away. It's an heirloom so I have to ease it out of the house.) Cleaning the immersion blender is much easier than cleaning the big regular blender, too.

Things that are leaving include an internet radio, an image converter, and a sack of mostly USB cables and power cords. I keep poking through the kitchen cabinets thinking I could get rid of something in there, but so far I've only managed to toss a couple of rusty whisks. I'm already regretting those, even—I should have moved them to the art closet for mixing up gross stuff.

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