koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Alphabetical Resolutions

I usually count September as the beginning of a new year, but this January 1 I had some time on my hands and made a list of things to work on. Turned out they form a nice alphabetical list: ABCDEFGZ; maybe that will help me keep track of them as the days wear on.

ARDUINO - I have this chip but I haven't done much with it so far (I did make a light blink, but then I got distracted). I'm going to run through some tutorials online.

BLOG - This one is easy, since adding poems to poemsbypost counts. But I will try to post to lj, too. Facebook is not good for me--my feed is too long to read and I don't know who to cull, so I just scan, miss a lot, and press "like" every so often. I also show all the cute animal pictures to Victoria.

COOK - One new recipe each week and one meatless day each week, at least.

DIVEST - Get rid of stuff. Daily!

EXERCISE - I did a pretty good job of getting at least a half-hour of some intentional activity in last year, so I plan to continue that.

FLOSS - Always a winner, this habit is still not automatic for me.

GUITAR - I got a bass last year and meant to learn how to play it, but I didn't get very far.

ZENTANGLE - This is a fun method of doodling. I'll try to do a square a day for fun.

So far, so good!

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