December 28th, 2008


How much does UPS charge to ship demons through the mail?

I had signed up to do announcements at church today under the illusion that maybe ten people would straggle in on the Sunday after Christmas. There was a much healthier crowd than that but nothing awful happened.

V and I went to Home Depot for painting supplies and when we got home she went across the street to play and I brushed the basement walls and vacuumed. I didn't want to start painting and then be interrupted so I didn't start then. The kids came over here and they made a pizza but decided once it was cooked that neither of them care for pizza. They ate a bag of sugar snap peas instead. Then we went with a third kid and her mom to see the lights at the zoo. Victoria was a whiny pill for the second half of the trip but she cheered up on the ride home. The lights were great, by the way, and I will try to go back to see them when she is in a better mood if I have time.

Back at home Victoria ate the pizza and went to bed. I put a bit of paint on the walls downstairs and decided to record this fascinating day on lj. Done!