December 10th, 2008


If Hitler was a dolphin where would the mustache go?

Right place, right time, I guess--the clay teacher at the rec center gave us Nutcracker tickets. Yippee! December is always too crammed with jolly stuff. Victoria's stage debut is this weekend, those rehearsals took a lot of time. Everyone has a party. Kung Fu party. Spanish party. Cookie party. There's even a grownup party down the street for which I have to find a babysitter. Nothing too exciting, though. I'll let you know if anything amazing comes along. Free ballet tickets, for example.

Is their a difference between a collage and a univercity?

Things I cook usually turn out pretty good, but I recently made a batch of butterscotch brownies that even the squirrels aren't touching. I tried using a glass pan--I know better, but my metal pan was unavailable. The middle ones were ok. Victoria ate them and tried to persuade a friend to try one by telling him they taste a LOT better than they look. Her friend still said no thanks. Fortunately I was making them for Friday so tonight I will just double up on production and all will be fine. I made butterscotch cookies instead and they aren't horrible. I have some regular brownies in the oven right now, now that my metal pan troubles have been ameliorated.