March 4th, 2008


Where's my Obama video?

Ok, I had to vote without the benefit of a cool video for my demographic. I used this one instead, since the song is stuck in my head anyway. But how come some ditzy chicks haven't made one just for people like me?

I've read a lot of poor attempts at satire. In a college paper, I can excuse it because the writers are kids. And lots of them are female. Ha! Ha! But seriously, how did this thing make it into the Washington Post?

Not even for ready money

Can you believe I would mess with Ernest Shepard? I am as appalled as you are. Anyway, I spotted this illustration in The Wind in the Willows a couple of days ago and felt sad because, golly, when would I ever need a nsfw userpic? Then today I came across this ad and hey! presto! GIP!