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Grey or gray?

I sent everyone a poem last year. I thought it would be fun, and it was kind of fun. The best part was when I got a poem on a postcard myself; that made me so happy that I forgave myself for bothering all the people who acted disturbed by their postcards.

This year I don't have any rules, so I'm starting with a poem so long it only appears in full online. I was arrested by Matthew Yeager's A JAR OF BALLOONS or THE UNCOOKED RICE when I first read (part of) it for three reasons, two of which I think are common to many people. A lot of people love to answer questions, especially questions about themselves. A lot of people love lists. And then I used to carry around a couple of index cards filled with conversational topics, inspired by a book on being socially successful that I picked up while waiting for a computer at the Silver Spring library. I made the mistake of showing these cards to my kids once and they ridiculed me mercilessly—I still think the cards were a pretty good idea, but I probably should have kept their existence a secret. Anyway, finding this poem was a little flashback to that episode, like clearing a handful of receipts from the bottom of my purse and being reminded of something interesting about myself.

Grey in my head, gray in print, by the way.


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Jan. 2nd, 2013 04:09 am (UTC)
I use both. On purpose. In the same document. (unless it is for work, and then I just make all the Microsoft squiggly lines[1] go away).

The post card was fun.
After the paranoia subsided.
And then I was disappointed and sad that none of the initial "adventure seed" possibilities weren't so.
Then is was like a lottery ticket, a memento of things that might have been.

[1] The style manual for the modern business world is not Strunk & White, nor the Chicago Style manual or any of those others... it's the MS Squiggly line [except passive voice for tech/business writing you *have* to ignore those squiggles.]

Jan. 2nd, 2013 11:59 pm (UTC)
I leave spellcheck on for my own amusement, but I canned the grammar squigglies right away just because they're so wacky about passive voice. I was being made crazy!
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