August 31st, 2006


Pollyanna post

Tuesday afternoon I was out taking a walk while my computer was hard at work. The only 20 minutes of rain we've had all month decided to fall upon me as I dashed back to work. I spent the rest of the afternoon damply in my extremely cool office. By the time I got home I was feeling horrible. I fed Victoria bad food and we watched a video and went to sleep.

But I was GLAD for the extra sleep because I got up and out on time for election judge training yesterday.

I was GLAD to be stuck in a line of cars waiting behind a truck that could not complete its turn into the NIH south gate because it highlighted what an easy commute I enjoy every day of my regular life. It would have been less uncomfortable had the needle risen above E, but Christopher had used Sunday's full tank of gas in his quest for socks prior to leaving for school. Plus he took all my socks with him anyway. But back to my being glad:

I was GLAD to spend some time with the greatest generation, with a few exceptions. After surviving hardship, battling evil, and building this great nation, this particular group was feeling especially chatty. Training ran a little long, but I was GLAD to see that I still had time to get gas on the way to work.

But the cheap gas station doesn't recognize Discover or American Express and I don't know where my Visa card is. I was GLAD to be able to find $10 because I rarely have that much cash on me. Too bad $10 doesn't buy much gas at $2.73/gal.

Jennifer dropped by the office to get my Discover card, which works just fine at the book store I am GLAD to report. I asked her to bring me something to eat and she got me the most awful sandwich ever from the co-op. The bread was great, there were cucumbers and carrots and onions, all good, but then they sprinkled dandelion juice all over it or something that tasted like lawn clippings. I am GLAD I am not a ruminant. Anyway, I was starving so I ate it.

After work the babysitter gave me a car full of things to mail for her. Odd-shaped things--"Here, mail this rug to Toronto for me"--and a bowl full of little cookies for Florida, and something in a box that was already addressed. To the wrong person, could I fix that? Yes, yes, just give me my kid and I will be GLAD to get out of here. We went straight to Kohl's to look for pj's because all Victoria's footed pj's are too small.

Kohl's was too expensive so we went to Target and found some better stuff. And pirate tattoo bandaids! And a paint-by-number pony picture! And some gum! Talk about GLAD!

On to ednoria's, where I stayed too late and had to trick Victoria into staying awake on the way home. Checking my mail I was GLAD to see a couple of sales had come in. I cleaned another shelf's worth of crap, went to bed, woke up late.

I simultaneously ran out of GLADNESS and gasoline right in front of my house, but just imagine a brief interlude of cursing (I had plenty of company, my road is a busy one with no shoulder and only one lane in each direction) and lugging and *poof* there I am at work and only 90 minutes late. Caught the tail end of our staff meeting, perfect timing! Can't wait to see what happens next...