July 18th, 2006


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Man, I could NOT sleep last night. Brian was home, so he had the window unit going in our bedroom. The noise bugs me, but the couch is so cushiony that you sink right into it--nice and cozy like, exactly the wrong thing for a stickyhot night. Which was ok, since back-from-vacation xTim had told me about his beach book, Michael Crichton's State of Fear. Without the book itself (I am borrowing his copy as soon as he remembers to bring it to work) I still found plenty to read about it on the web.

As morning approached I saw that the local authorities had declared a code red day due to ozone levels. Free bus rides! I took the Ride-On to Safeway and got two 12-packs of diet soda. When I started selling sodas six and a half years ago, I sold about three Cokes to every two Diet Cokes. Now my Diet Coke sales are double the Coke's--yesterday I ran completely out by the end of the day. Horrors. Took the Metrobus from Safeway to campus and got to work extra early. By noon my eyes were getting that gritty feeling that happens when I skip too much sleep, so I cleaned my purse, inspired by muzikmaker21's meme:

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Well, she was right; that was kinda lame. On the bright side, modifying a log analyzer should be a more interesting task now that I have some perspective. And in mere hours I will enjoy a free ride home!