July 10th, 2006


waybacks and the weekend

You know my babysitter comes up with all sorts of errands for me. Last week she sent me to the FABRIC STORE the day after I divested myself of all craft-y items. And then Friday after work she sent me to the PO to overnight a book to her daughter. Good thing the Silver Spring office reinstated their late hours; I made it within 15 minutes of closing.

Brian wasn't due home Saturday but there he was. I had already hired Christopher to babysit so I could go hear the Waybacks in Falls Church. Why did it have to be Falls Church? Wouldn't it have been cool to say "Waybacks in Fairfax"? Well, for me it would. They were playing at the State Theater, which I had never visited. Or heard of. But when we got there (I convinced Brian to come along) I recognized the area right away--it's right off the W&OD trail. How come they don't promote themselves as "the venue you can bike to"? I thought it was a good performance space, but I was a little disappointed in the sound. Two people were miked weird, although it was still an excellent show. I had a blast, and Brian's coworker came along with his wife, too, for even more fun. All was good.

Tomorrow I am going to hear them again in Richmond. No one has indicated an interest in accompanying me on the ride down, but hope springs eternal--just let me know and the passenger seat is yours.

Sunday was a bunch of walking and cleaning and, finally, really good eating. Brian had been on the eastern shore the past week, so he brought back a bunch of produce from a stand. The corn was impossibly delicious. We grilled that and bourbon-glazed salmon and asparagus. And we had a salad with tomatoes so good they make you mad that people make them share a name with those pink spongy things you've bought in the past. Some more cleaning. I think I should have a yard sale.