July 7th, 2006


a Friday five and a five-ish

1. Have you ever had an addiction?
I do have a general tendency toward excess, but I don’t think I have had an addiction.
2. Are you afraid of the dark?
In general, no, although I am afraid of some dark. I love to ride my bike in the dark.
3. What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?
This question is impossible to answer. Coffee. Chocolate. Ginger. Mint. Vanilla. Peach. I haven’t tried Ben & Jerry’s cream stout yet but I am sure it’s in the list. Maple. Butter Pecan. Pistachio. Peanut Butter. I could go on.
4. Have you ever been to the circus?
Yes, but I don’t remember much about it.
5. What do you think of North Korea testing nuclear weapons?
I’m pretty sure it’s a bad idea.

1. How rebellious are you, in general?
It definitely depends on the issue; however, in general I am pretty darned ruly.
2. What sorts of things make you feel rebellious?
Abuse of authority, avoidable injustice, that sort of thing.
3. How rebellious were you as a child? As a teenager? How did your parent(s) handle your rebellion?
I don’t remember how I handled it when I was real young, but my parents had (still do have) an arbitrary code to which good people are expected to adhere. My rebellion to that was mostly quiet/sneaky, but it was constant. Now that we’re all grownups it’s even more complicated. I never had any significant conflicts with other authorities.
4. Have you ever had someone rebel against your authority? How did you handle it?
What authority? Haha! At work, conflicts arise and I try to solve them equitably. I think people see that I do my best to cooperate and they respond positively to that. With my kids—the ones who are now adults (or at least old enough to vote)—I have been pretty lucky in that any rebellion has been mild and temporary. I try to be reasonable. With much littler kids I use less reason, more carrots and sticks.
5. This week, there are only four questions. Take that, nebulous authority that says there should be five!
Way to be tough, yeah!

Dang, here's another five

1. When you were a child, what was your favorite game to play?
That game where you’re supposed to be going to sleep but instead you put your knees up to make a mountain under the covers and then you move your stuffed animals around and make up stories.
2. What is your favorite game to play right now?
The same game except I keep my knees down and I don’t usually need the animals.
3. Can you share a good story about playing with others or yourself?
One summer I spent day after day playing Rockwash. First you find a bunch of rocks, then you line them up and put them through the rockwash, which is a box open on two ends with a garden hose pushed through the top. I loved that game.
4. What do you do for play time fun now?
I don’t play too many games with rules, I don’t know why. I do keep myself amused, however, mostly by reading.
5. If you were able to invent a game, what would you call it?
You mean besides Rockwash? I will name my next game Safety Pony.