July 6th, 2006


this morning

I set my alarm a little earlier this morning because my neighbor had sort of asked if I'd give his family a ride. When the doorbell rang last night I thought it was someone coming early to haul away craftstuff, but it was Randy. He wanted to ask a favor of me. He showed me a prescription bottle and explained that he was starting this new medication and the doctor had warned him that he might be disorientimated for 48 to 72 hours after starting it. Now he was going to take his wife and mother-in-law and Randy Jr. to the bowling alley in the morning so they could catch the bus to the National Championship Tournament (yes, I live within spitting distance of a state duckpin champion and let me tell you that fame has not gone to his head one bit, he is a very nice boy) but if he woke up and was feeling dizzy or confused, could I maybe give them a ride? They had to be there by 8am, he would give me $20. I said of course I could help out, I was going that way anyway.

So I got up early and got myself ready and then I woke up Victoria and she was in a terrible mood, just dreadful. I expected that Randy would telephone the house sometime before 7:30 if he needed the ride, so when I hadn't heard anyring as 8am rolled around, I shoved the angry Victoria into the car and was set to leave. Randy was standing in his driveway. He waved and yelled for me to come on over, they were almost ready. I drove across the street and stood around for 20 minutes while they got all their bags packed into the car. Right before we left, Randy tried to hand me money but I said don't be silly, it's right on my way to work. It is! I got them to the bus with plenty of time to spare, I don't know what the 8am thing was all about. When I returned to the front of the car, there was a $20 bill on my seat--and Carol had given Victoria a dollar, too. I dropped by the office to let Victoria use the bathroom and let everyone know I would be late. I took Victoria to the sitter, got my assignment from her (print up a sign that says DAYCARE IS CLOSED AUG 11), and returned to work. Now I have to get through the workday and find something cool to do with my windfall!