July 5th, 2006


plans for the near future

This is of interest to local readers, if any:

The craftically-inclined may want to stop by my house this evening; it will be a bit of a potlatch as I empty the craft cabinet, and by "cabinet" I mean boxes and shelves and closets and bags and one actual cabinet (IKEA thought it was a wardrobe and I forget what they named it. Dorsk, maybe. Flutt. Bispo). You're welcome to any of it tonight; tomorrow it gets donated.

Now as for the rest of the week: Saturday night in Falls Church my favorite band is playing at State Theater. Of course I will be there, and you all should come, too. $16 to hear the Waybacks is $16 well spent.

And then on Tuesday the 11th they are playing the Canal Club in Richmond. If anyone wants to ride down with me just let me know--I am going to try to leave here around 4pm (or earlier if Katey my Richmondite pal is around).