December 1st, 2005



Yesterday I learned that has an astounding variety of adult products available. The variety, the products themselves, and the prices are astonishing. I know that you, like me, think that "adult products" means non-chewable vitamins and copies of Turbo Tax but this is something different. Like the $3.99 Wireless Waterproof Light-Up Yellow Explorer Mini-Mite Hidden Flower Vibrator. That is also a keychain.

Help us think of game ideas

xAnn and I, victims of our past successes, are in charge of the game for the office holiday party again. One year we had a Jeopardy-like game and it was a big hit. Last year we did a Hollywood Squares-ish game; that was fun, too. This year we are doing Survivor. I am at a disadvantage, never having watched this game on tv, but I know the basics. The thing is, there are many different tasks we need people to perform. I was hoping some gaming types reading this would have a suggestion or two.

The thing is, we are a group of varied ages, cultures, and sensibilities. We have to come up with stuff that is fun, funny, and won't hurt anyone's feelings or aggravate anyone's sciatica.

Here's why I like working on this with xAnn: she said, "Hey! How about if we weigh everybody before and after they use the bathroom? Whoever loses the most weight is the winner." As much as I like the idea of an event we could call The Defecathlon, I had to say no. But don't you just love xAnn? That's not her real name, by the way. I am tricky like that.