June 15th, 2005


Real Jobs I Got Paid For

receptionist (H&R Block)
accounts receivable clerk (International Fabricare Institute)
data checker (National Archives Record Center)
phone girl (Dominos Pizza)
delivery person (Dominos Pizza)
bus person (Beefsteak Charlie's)
litigation support data coder (Aspen Systems)
litigation support data coding quality assurance person (Aspen Systems)
receptionist (private accountant)
hand inserter (Washington Post)
continuing education coordinator (American College of Nurse-Midwives)
graduate assistant (University of Maryland)
membership/IT liaison (American Psychological Assn)
systems analyst (American Psychological Assn)
data specialist (American Assoc for the Advancement of Science)
technology manager (American Assoc for the Advancement of Science)
bookseller (sole proprietor)
systems analyst (University of Maryland)

I'm just listing jobs for which I have contributed to SS. Seemed like a good place to draw the line.

Thanks, dragonfly1867, for the idea.

music meme

I don't want to tag anyone (I hardly have any friends as it is), so I'm only following half of kugelblitz's instructions. Here are my six favorite songs at this very moment in time:

  1. This Land Is Your Land, Mojo Nixon
  2. El Cumbanchero, Ross Nickerson
  3. If I Had a Rocket Launcher, Bruce Cockburn
  4. Peas Porridge Hot, De La Soul
  5. Stand, The Kennedys
  6. Stuck in the Metal, Eagles of Death Metal